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CAPONE Official Trailer

Once the most feared bootlegger of Chicago, Al Capone is sent to prison for tax evasion. At the age of 40, following nearly a decade of imprisonment, he is released after being deemed no longer a threat, his mind rotting from neurosyphilis.

Now retired with his family in Palm Island, Florida, Capone remains under federal watch, as they think he may be faking his insanity. Forced to sell many of his belongings to pay his debts, Capone begins to have hallucinations and loses control of his motor functions. He acknowledges that he hid $10 million, although he cannot remember where it is.
After a physical confrontation with his wife Mae, she tells Capone’s bodyguards to keep everyone away from him. Meanwhile, Capone has visions of regret of the men he killed and violent acts he had done as crime boss. His mental capacity continues to deteriorate, and now has the mind of a child.

Wracked with guilt, and having alienated all around him, Capone eventually dies in January 1947 at the age of 48. His family changes their name, and the money he allegedly hid away has never been recovered.

Written / Directed / Edited by:
• Josh Trank

Produced by:
• Russell Ackerman
• Lawrence Bender
• Aaron L. Gilbert
• John Schoenfelder

• Tom Hardy
• Linda Cardellini
• Jack Lowden
• Noel Fisher
• Kyle MacLachlan
• Matt Dillon

Music by:
• El-P

• Peter Deming

Production company :
• Addictive Pictures
• Bron Studios
• Lawrence Bender Productions
• Redbox Entertainment
• Endeavor Content

Distributed by:
• Vertical Entertainment


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